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One thing I’ve been struggling with is settling on a name for the game over the past week.  I’ve started creating projects, integrations, alerts etc all using a place holder name and find myself in a position where I really need to settle.

My next big thing is to get some artwork done for a menu and a splash screen which ideally needs a name to go with it, but nothing feels quite right.

Having the Tiki theme I thought would help, but I still manager to draw a blank.

Tiki is part of Māori mythology so opens up a few possibilities, and I’ve so far shorted my list to:

  • Tiki Tac Toe
  • Tiki Stones
  • Māori Mayhem
  • Kohatu (meaning stone / stones)

Hopefully I can settle on something very soon, then I can move on and never look back 

Until next time


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