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Since as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work in software development. More specifically, I’ve wanted to work in game development working on my own ideas.

As time went on I eventually got into software development and I’ve been working for the same large company, but the game development never came.

Around 10 years ago I had an idea for a simple game that would suit mobile users with it’s quick pick up and play style.

Basic game screen

I created an initial version in Objective-C using the Cocos2D engine and it worked fairly well. Development took around 2 days, which actually shorter than the review and approval time.

The game was called Tic Tac Glow and was a single 4 in a row game similar to naughts and crosses (just on a slightly larger play area).

During development I found it quite stale after a few play sessions so decided to add in a new feature.

I decided that to keep it “fresh” I would add the ability to “shake” the board by either shaking the phone or by using an on screen button. Once activated, a short screen effect would play and some of the pieces would be removed from the board.

Shake animation

To keep things fair, the was a possibility that the user activating the board shake could knock their own pieces off of the board (although a much smaller chance than knocking off the opponents pieces).

Finally On Sale

Once it was finally approved, it took a few days for downloads to start and over the year it was on the store it was downloaded around 3000 times.

Not big sales numbers by any stretch of the imagination but the fact I had put this out there and people were using it was a very exciting prospect for me.

Over time the updates faded away and the game was removed a forgotten about, recently the source code was lost and really, it was a big deal at all.

Rinse, Repeat

I decided I wanted to have another go at the same idea and see if I could make something more appealing and with a broader feature set so recently I have restarted the work.

This time I will be using (and learning) Swift and SpriteKit for the bulk of the work. I had looked at Unity, but it felt a lot more complicated than I needed with a much bigger learning curve.

I hope to spend a few months working on it this time, but time will tell!

Until next time,


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